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Институт химии и технологии редких элементов и минерального сырья им. И.В.Тананаева


12 декабря 2017 высокие государственные и региональные награды  >>

23 -27 октября 2017 врио директора института принял участие в конференции “8th International Conference on Innovations in Thin Film Processing and Characterization”  >>


Адрес: 184209, Мурманская обл., г. Апатиты, ул.Академгородок, д. 26а.
Тел.: (81555) 79-549, 75-295.
Факс: (81555) 61-658, 76-425.
Эл. почта: office@chemy.kolasc.net.ru

The laboratory of concrete (№ 28)

Head of laboratory: Pak A.A., Ph.D.(Engineering)

Tel: (81555) 79-192.

Fax: (81555) 79-158.

E-mail: krash@chemy.kolasc.net.ru


Number of the staff: 12 (including 6 research associates, 1 doctor and 5 candidates of science)

Trends of research:

  • natural and technogenic raw materials of the Kola Peninsula as a source of building materials and development of concrete for various applications

Objects of inquiry:

  • non-metallic minerals, by-products of mining enterprises, ash- and slag mixtures, entrained dust, overburden rock, fillers and micro-fillers, various concretes from local sources, among them light, cellular, heavy, heat-insulating, ornamental, refractory, and heat-resistant ones.

Analytical techniques: chemical analysis, radio- and thermography, mineral- petrographic and radiation-hygienic assessment of starting and resulting materials, their physical-mechanical properties (strength, density, porosity, frost- and water resistance, crushability, abradability, etc.), electric- and thermo-physical trials.

The Laboratory incorporates the Kola Testing Centre for Building Materials and Articles (KTCBMA). In keeping with the licenses D No284829 and 284830 of 17.10.02, its activities include technological and building engineering, examining of the technical state of buildings and structures, assisting the Murmansk region enterprises in assessing the quality of local natural and technogenic building resources and articles, attendance of brick, concrete and reinforced-concrete structures.

The findings were used to:

  • establish the possibility of involving Kovdor vermiculite and disperse industrial wastes in the production of effective fire-protecting materials for filling electric cable passages through structural elements, fire-resistant concretes for high-temperature (up to 1000oС) insulation, inflammable slab heaters and asphalt mastic covering of heating devices;
  • outline the best areas in civil engineering for the employment of subgrade overburden nepheline-bearing rocks of JSC Apatit mines;
  • develop a technology of high-quality ornamental concrete on local stone fillers;
  • substantiate the possibility of using ash-and slag mixtures of the Apatity TPP in the production of cellular, light and heavy concretes;
  • study and commercialize entrained dust as a mineral dopant to light-concrete and silicate mixtures;
  • reveal the advisability of using local shales (the Sredny Rybachy peninsula) in the production of porous fillers with desired operating characteristics.

Leading researchers:

  • Bastrygina S.V., Ph.D.(Engineering)
  • Belogurova T.P., Ph.D.(Engineering)
  • Tyukavkina V.V., Ph.D.(Engineering)


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