Tananaev Institute of Chemistry - Subdivision of the Federal Research Centre

«Kola Science Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences»

Science Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences


The laboratory of chemistry and technology of alkaline aluminosilicate raw materials (№ 22)

Head of laboratory: Matveev V.A., Dr. (Engineering)

Tel: (81555) 79-389, 79-356.

E-mail: v.matveev@ksc.ru

Number of the staff: 12 (including 9 research assistants, 1 doctors and 5 candidates of science).

Applied research:

  • acid technologies of mineral processing to produce alumina for metallurgical purposes, siliceous products, soda, potash, alkali element nitrates, reagents for water purification, components for explosive substances, rubidium and cesium compounds;
  • developing and optimization of processes for crystallization separation of rubidium, cesium and potassium, zirconium and hafnium, titanium and niobium salts;
  • hydrochloric-acid technology of loparite, eudyalite, and sphene;
  • developing of compounds and processes of elementary explosive substances for pit mining.

Fundamental research

  • developing a physico-chemical and chemico-technological basis for methods of mineral processing;
  • mathematical modeling of phase equilibria in aqueous-salt systems;
  • creating of an integrated package of programs determining the II and III degree polynomial coefficients for adequate approximation of solubility surface by experimentally determining the compositions of equilibrium liquid phases.

Production and implementation.

  • The technology of alumosilicate coagulating agent for thickening of mineral suspensions and water purification has been realized at JSC "Apatit". Nowadays it is widely applied in treating circulating and mine water, stock-farm, municipal and other sewage.
  • New types of explosives have been developed and introduced at JSC "Apatit", "Olkon" and "Karelian Pellets", with an annual economic effect of 10 mln Rb. JSC Apatit has adopted a new technology of consolidating the dusting surface of dressing tailings. The efforts of the working collective were rewarded with the Prize of the Russian Federation Government in the area of science and technology in 1997, and an RF State Prize awarded in 2002.

Leading researchers:

  • Soloviov A.V., Ph.D.(Engineering)


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