Tananaev Institute of Chemistry - Subdivision of the Federal Research Centre

«Kola Science Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences»

Science Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences


The laboratory of chemistry and technology of rare-earth raw materials (№ 23)

Head of laboratory:  Ivanenko V.I., Dr.Sc (Engineering)

Tel: (81555) 79-524.

E-mail: v.ivanenko@ksc.ru


Number of the staff: 15 (including 5 research assistants, 1 doctor, 5 candidates of science, and 2 post-graduate students).

Trends of research:

  • chemistry and technology of rare and disseminated elements;
  • creating of a scientific basis for comprehensive utilization of rare-metal minerals and technogenic wastes;
  • solvent-extraction technologies for separating rare elements, zirconium and hafnium;
  • chelation of rare elements;
  • new methods for synthesis of rare-element compounds of desired composition, including nano-size powders of ferroelectric materials;
  • methods for purification of rare-metal products from radioactive contaminants;
  • methods for liquid waste purification;
  • electromembrane technologies.

Methods developed:

  • technologies for lanthanide extraction and separation in the course of a comprehensive processing of locally-available rare-earth minerals (loparite, apatite concentrate and others);
  • technology of baddeleyite concentrate purification from radioactive and other impurities, developed in cooperation with JSC "Kovdorsky GOK" mining company;
  • solvent-extraction technology for the production of high-purity zirconium compounds from minerals and technogenic wastes;
  • methods for synthesizing ferroelectric alkaline element niobates and tantalates, alkali-earth element titanates and zirconates, stoichiometric compounds of the potassium titanyl phosphate subgroup in the form of nano-size powders of narrow grain-size classes;
  • deactivation technology for liquid radioactive wastes with increased mineral salt-, suspension- and oil contents;
  • n-depth purification of effluents from fluorine ions;
  • technologies for rubidium and cesium metals production and deep purification of alkaline metals;
  • electromembrane technologies of acid recovery, including hydrofluoric acid, from solutions; production of alkali element hydroxides from respective salts, and utilization of ammoniate-containing solutions.

Leading researchers:

  • Belikov М.L., Ph.D. (Engineering)
  • Korneykov R.I., Ph.D. (Engineering)
  • Tareeva О.А., Ph.D. (Engineering)


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