Tananaev Institute of Chemistry - Subdivision of the Federal Research Centre

«Kola Science Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences»

Science Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences


The laboratory of powder metallurgy (№ 27)

Head of laboratory: Kuzmich Yuriy Vasilevich Ph.D. (Chem)

Tel: (81555) 79-466.

E-mail: iu.kuzmich@ksc.ru


Number of the staff: 12 (including 7 research associates, 1 doctor and 4 candidates of science)

Trends of research:

  • development of novel materials, including those with enhanced radiation-protecting, tribo-engineering and mechanical properties;
  • searching for regularities in and upgrading of the processes of gas-, water- and centrifugal dispersing of metal melts to produce powders with controlled fineness of pulverization and morphology;
  • gaining insights into the processes of noble metal extraction and concentration, their sorption and heterogeneous hydrolysis, in particular;
  • studying of regularities and designing of manufacturing procedures for moulding of sputtering targets of complex composition;
  • designing of new metallothermic and // processes of compound alloys, specifically those containing components with a high steam pressure;
  • New methods for the production of nano-size metal and oxide powders, including of complex composition.

New technologies and materials:

  • an environmentally friendly process for the production of various metal-to- phosphorus alloys directly from apatite or forsterite concentrates. Unlike the conventionally applied processes, it eliminates red phosphorus hazardous to human health;
  • a number of singular aluminium-based composites have been obtained. For instance, an Al-B composite with higher than common neutron-absorbing capacity, applicable for manufacturing containers for storing and shipping nuclear materials;
  • an aluminium-silicon carbide composite with unique mechanical properties: strength, hardness, and weldability. Both the composites compare more than favorably with imported analogues;
  • new alloys and composites for magnetron sputtering targets used in the electronic industry;
  • methods for the production of nano-size binary powders of the Co, Fe-Co, Fe-Cr and other compositions, currently being developed.

Leading researchers:

  • Gosteva A.N. Ph.D. (Chemistry)
  • Domonov D.P. Ph.D. (Chemistry)
  • Semushina Yu.P. Ph.D. (Chemistry)


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