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Институт химии и технологии редких элементов и минерального сырья им. И.В.Тананаева


12 декабря 2017 высокие государственные и региональные награды  >>

23 -27 октября 2017 врио директора института принял участие в конференции “8th International Conference on Innovations in Thin Film Processing and Characterization”  >>


Адрес: 184209, Мурманская обл., г. Апатиты, ул.Академгородок, д. 26а.
Тел.: (81555) 79-549, 75-295.
Факс: (81555) 61-658, 76-425.
Эл. почта: office@chemy.kolasc.net.ru

The laboratory of mineral raw materials and silicate synthesis (№ 30)

Head of laboratory: Kalinkin A.M., Dr.(Chem)

Tel: (81555) 79-523.

Fax: (81555) 79-158.

E-mail: kalinkin@chemy.kolasc.net.ru


Number of the staff: 19 (including 9 research associates and 9 candidates of science)

Trends of research:

  • studies into the environmental impact of mining wastes and methods of reducing the consequences of their storing;
  • scientific substantiation of pre-treatment and quality control of mining wastes during their converting to building and technical materials;
  • development of technologies for mining waste utilization in building and technical materials (ceramics, refractories, glass, glass-crystalline materials, components of complex binding and filling agents);
  • examination of natural stone deposits of the Kola peninsula for building purposes;
  • examination of local clay deposits for ceramics production;
  • analysis of the effect of mechanical activation of mining wastes on their binding properties.

New materials and technologies:

  • new compositions of binding agents on the basis of thermal power plant ash and lime admixed with P2O5, SiO2 and other oxides;
  • slag-alkali binding agents on the basis of magnesial-ferrous slag obtained by the updated technology for special-purpose materials;
  • a ceramic compound for structural materials with enhanced resistance to chemical and abrasive wear;
  • foam heat-insulating material from iron, mica, and apatite-nepheline ore dressing wastes and scrap glass;
  • magnesium ameliorating fertilizer from mining wastes for rehabilitation of defoliating forests on areas affected by industrial wastes;
  • methods of activating hydrothermally hardening binding agent with gypsum and NaCl + Na2SO4 electrolytes in wall material production;
  • a technology of cement wood production on the basis of mineral binding agents and light wood wastes from local wood-processing enterprises;
  • methods for the production of brick, ordinary and decorative tiles from easily-melted clays and products of ore processing;
  • methods for the production of highly-ornamental glaze coatings from local mineral sources.

Production and introduction:

  • the extra-heavy concrete concretes based on new materials developed in the Laboratory was employed in the construction of the South-Ukraine and Smolensk nuclear power plants;
  • binding and filling agents for stowing compounds for the Norilsk mining-and metallurgical company;
  • compositions of stowing compounds for the Pechenganikel combine and other local enterprises, developed and commercialized jointly with the Mining Institute of KSC RAS;
  • for JSC Severonikel, a technology and maintenance schedule for slag wool production from copper-nickel process fire-liquid slag, and software for effective optimization of charge composition and process parameters. The resulting fibre had improved quality, in particular, an increased share of high-quality product and diminished non-fibre inclusions;
  • the technology of glazed concrete is applied at the Murmansk house-building plant;
  • in cooperation with exploration companies, natural facing stone deposits of the Kola peninsula are being examined and evaluated. As the result, four stone working plants, operating on the stone working regimes developed in the laboratory, have been set up.

Leading researchers:

  • Gurevich B.I., Ph.D. (Engineering).
  • Kalinkina E.V., Ph.D. (Engineering).
  • Kremenetskaya I.P., Ph.D. (Engineering).
  • Lashchuk V.V., Ph.D. (Engineering).
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