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Институт химии и технологии редких элементов и минерального сырья им. И.В.Тананаева


12 декабря 2017 высокие государственные и региональные награды  >>

23 -27 октября 2017 врио директора института принял участие в конференции “8th International Conference on Innovations in Thin Film Processing and Characterization”  >>


Адрес: 184209, Мурманская обл., г. Апатиты, ул.Академгородок, д. 26а.
Тел.: (81555) 79-549, 75-295.
Факс: (81555) 61-658, 76-425.
Эл. почта: office@chemy.kolasc.net.ru

The laboratory of high-temperature chemistry and electrochemistry (№ 35)

Head of laboratory: Kuznetsov Sergey Aleksandrovich, Dr.Sc. (Chemistry)

Tel: (81555) 79-730.

E-mail: kuznet@chemy.kolasc.net.ru


Number of the staff: 13 (including 10 research associates, 1 doctor and 2 candidates of science)

Trends of research:

  • studying of the mechanisms and kinetics of electrode processes, the nature of chelation in halide and oxohalide melts;
  • chemistry and electrochemistry of rare refractory and rare-earth metals in molten salts;
  • methods of electrochemical synthesis and analysis of new compounds involving control of the chemical and phase composition of products and the composition of the complex first- and second coordination spheres, as well as creating various-function materials with enhanced physical and chemical properties for specialized branches of engineering;
  • methods for determining the quality of epitaxial coatings involving optic microscopy and electronic microscopy on the basis of ‘Metam PB-21 device and Video-Test image analyzer.

New technologies and materials:

  • a series of composite materials, obtained by galvano-diffusion, with mechanical and electric characteristics realized through the steel or copper substrate, while a fine surface layer of tantalum, niobium, hafnium and other rare metals functions as a diffusion barrier or protection of the composite in aggressive medium;
  • advanced materials with a surface of rare- or rare-earth metal alloys of desired phase composition, obtained by the galvano-diffusion method;
  • high-temperature electrochemical synthesis, extremely advantageous for the production of rare-metal compounds (borides, carbides, silicides, nitrides, oxides and oxofluorides) affording to control the valent state of rare metals in compound;
  • by using electrorefining, highly pure rare metals (outstandingly pure in terms of some of the impurities) have been obtained;
  • a technology of depositing a fine rare-metal film on non-conducting materials – glass and ceramics – has been developed;

Production and introduction.:

  • technology of depositing barrier and protective coatings;
  • misch metal production;
  • electrorefining of chromium and scandium;
  • method for controlling the electrolysis bath composition;
  • technology for the production of special-purpose solders;

The technologies are protected by author’s certificates and introduced at the Energiya scientific production association, at the plants IKhMZ and ChMZ.

Unique equipment, plants:

  • a dry box (MBraun, Germany) with controlled inert atmosphere, with less than 2 ppm contents of oxygen and water;
  • a PGSTAT 20 Autolab potentiostat (Austria);
  • a Voltlab 40 electrochemical laboratory with a "VoltaMaster-4" version 6 software package;
  • a Voltlab 50 electrochemical laboratory with a "VoltaMaster-4" version 6 software package;
  • P5083, P5011 digital ac bridges;
  • electrolyzers designed for electrolyze masses between 200 and 100 kg;
  • prophilograph-prophilometer manufactured by Kalibr N252;
  • tunnel and atomic-force microscope SMM-2000T;
  • microscope Metam PB-21 with a VideoTest image analyzer.

Leading researchers:

  • Kremenetsky V.G., Ph.D (Chem.)
  • Makarova O.V., Ph.D. (Engineering)
  • Dubrovsky А R., Ph.D. (Engineering)
  • Popova А.V., Ph.D. (Chem)
  • Stulov Yu.V., Ph.D. (Chem)


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