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The laboratory of materials for electronic engineering (№ 25)

kristHead of laboratory: Palatnikov Mikhail Nikolaevich,Dr.Sc (Engineering)

Tel: (81555) 75-395, 79-316, 79-549.

E-mail: m.palatnikov@ksc.ru


Research interests:

  • materials science of ferroelectric and magnetic substances;
  • methods for chemical processing of complex mineral raw materials.


Sector of new materials for electronic engineerin

Sector leader:

Tel: (81555) 79-339.

E-mail: o.gromov@ksc.ru

Number of the staff: 5 (including 4 research associates and 4 candidates of science)

Trends of research:

  • chemistry and technology of rare and dissipated elements, extraction and separation of tantalum and niobium, deep purification of niobium and tantalum compounds by solvent extraction, synthesis and examination of materials on the basis of high-purity niobium and tantalum compounds and their application in electronic engineering.

Unique equipment and plants:

  • solvent extraction plant for the production of high-purity niobium and tantalum;
  • low-frequency test bench for electric solid-phase samples;
  • unit of equipment for the production of ceramic samples.

Leading researchers:

  • Kunshina G.B., Ph.D.(Engineering)
  • Tikhomirova E.L., Ph.D. (Engineering)
Sector of solid-body materials for acoustic and optic electronic

Sector leader: Palatnikov Mikhail Nikolaevich,Dr.Sc (Engineering)

Tel: (81555) 79-508, 79-395.

E-mail: m.palatnikov@ksc.ru

Number of the staff: 9 (including 2 research associates and 3 candidates of science).

Trends of research:

  • studying of materials on the basis of highly pure niobium and tantalum compounds and their application in electronic engineering;
  • growing of oxide single crystals by the Czochralski method;
  • studying of materials with cross effects.

Unique equipment and plants:

  • “Kristal-2” plant for growing single crystals;
  • “Lantan” plant for electrothermal treatment of single crystals;
  • a unit for cutting, grinding and polishing of single crystals;
  • a low-frequency bench for measuring electric characteristics of solid-body samples.

Leading researchers:

  • Biryukova I.V., Ph.D. (Engineering)
  • Masloboeva S.M., Ph.D. (Engineering)
  • Efremov V.V., Ph.D. (Engineering)
  • Scherbina O.B., Ph.D. (Engineering)
Sector of vibration spectroscopy

Sector leader: Sidorov Nikolay Vasilievich, Dr.Sc. (Phys-Math).

Tel: (81555) 79-168, 79-118.

E-mail: n.sidorov@ksc.ru

Number of the staff: 6 (including 4 research associates, 1 doctor and 2 candidates of science).

Trends of research:

  • studying of the structure and optic properties of ferroelectric single crystals and ceramic solid solutions of alkali metal niobates and tantalates by the method of vibration spectroscopy.

Unique equipment and plants:

  • a unit for studying the Raman spectra of single crystals and ceramics in the temperature range of 66 K and thermostating accuracy of 0.1 K.

Leading researchers:

  • Teplyakona N.A. Ph.D. (Phys-Math)
  • Starodub O.R., Ph.D. (Chem.)
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