Tananaev Institute of Chemistry - Subdivision of the Federal Research Centre

«Kola Science Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences»

Science Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences


The laboratory of physical and chemical methods of analysis (№ 31)

Head of laboratory: Semushin Vasily Vladimirovich, Ph.D.(Chem.);

Tel: (81555) 79-154.

E-mail: v.semushin@ksc.ru


Number of the staff: 16 (including 5 researchers, 2 candidates of science)

Research interests:

  • radioactive-hygienic characteristics of various objects, estimation of radiation level in raw materials and technologies;
  • development and updating of radioanalytical methods of analysis for mineral and technogenic sources and natural objects;
  • ways of purifying liquid radioactive wastes by sorbents from natural and technical raw materials of the Kola region;
  • structure and composition of compounds analyzed by X-ray, crystal-optic, infrared-spectroscopic, radioanalytical, and thermal methods;
  • surface state of various materials, structures and ready articles..

Objects of inquiry.

Rare metal raw materials and products of their processing, hydrometallurgical technologies; metal powders, alloys and compounds, materials of electronic engineering, high-purity substances; rock, ore, minerals, including non-metallic ones, mining wastes, building and technical materials and articles; process, effluent and natural water, natural objects (including crude drugs, foodstuffs, timber), etc.

Analytical techniques: radiometric, gamma-spectrometric, radiochemical, neutron-activation, X-ray-spectral, X-ray-phase, mass-spectrometric, thermographic, crystal-optic, infrared-spectroscopic, heat desorption.

Unique equipment, plants.

FLOUROSORB-II-2300, Spectroscan “MAKS-GV”, VRA-2, UR-20, Specord-M 80, URS-60, DRF-2, DRON-UM-2, a derivatograph, a device for thermal analysis (Hetzsch, Germany).

The isotopic casing of the laboratory is equipped with certified equipment, including a radiological complex Progress-ABRG (a gamma-spectrometer, alpha- and beta-radiometers), an alpha-beta radiometer UMF-1500D, MKC-04H, DRG-01T, and others.

Both the research, pilot testing and designing, involving radioactive substances and sources of ionizing radiation (RS and SIR), as well as the radiation monitoring and measurement of objects and technologies are carried out on the basis of the Federal License of RF Gosatomnadzor (No. SE-03-205-1489, issued on 31 August 2004), and the Accreditation Certificate of a radiation control laboratory (RCL) No 41380-99/06 issued on 31 March, 2006 by the Russian Federation Agency on technical regulation and metrology. The laboratory is thus entitled to carry out radiation assessment of technogenic and natural minerals, building materials and articles, building sites, dwellings and industrial areas, and also inspection, arbitral and certification tests of various products.

Leading researchers:

  • Kadyrova G.I., Ph.D.(Chemistry)
  • Kuznetsov V.Ya.


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